Ayr Rugby Football Club took a historic step on Thursday 8th December when a special committee meeting was called to finalise the transfer of Ayr Rugby Football Club and it’s assets “Lock, Stock & Barrel” to the new company limited by guarantee, Ayr Rugby Football Club Limited. This is the biggest moment for the club since the decision by members to purchase Millbrae Market Gardens in November 1962.

This followed on from the last EGM which was held on October 21st 2021 when assembled members overwhelmingly voted to approve the presented resolutions which included the following.

  • incorporate a Company limited by Guarantee (such Guarantee to be limited to £1 per Member), said Company to be called Ayr Rugby Football Club Limited (or if permitted in terms of the Companies Acts to drop the word “Limited” with a view to maintaining the continuity of the existing name);
  • Procure that the said Company is registered as a Charity with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator;
  • Procure that ARFC transfers the whole of its assets, lock stock and barrel (including legal title to Millbrae), and in so far as possible its liabilities, to the said Company;
  • Appoint such persons to be Directors and Charity Trustees as they see fit;


Purpose : to modernise the legal structure of the Club for the benefit of the future operation of the Club and its community aims; to move away from unlimited liability for Members and Office Bearers and secure limited liability for Members and Officers; to secure charitable status to assist with the funding of the Club and ensure that this is done in a way that is tax efficient.

The legal documents were signed by President Drew Young, Vice-President Louise McLauchlan, Vice-President David Courtney, Secretary Graham Duncan & Treasurer Billy McHarg on behalf of the outgoing club and by Brian Williamson & Clark Robertson on behalf of the new charity.

This moment was the conclusion of a great deal of time and effort by the working group, which consisted of Brian Williamson, Billy McHarg and Clark Robertson, supported and advised by Stephen Bradford of Lockharts Law and through professional services obtained from Ewan Mowat of AC White and Wm Duncan & Co. The working group had the unenviable task of setting up the new limited companies, preparing the articles of association, securing charitable status, setting up new company bank accounts and meeting Employment Law and TUPE regulations.

Having secured charitable status, Ayr Rugby Football Club Limited is now able to conclude missives with South Ayrshire Council and the National Trust for Scotland to secure land allowing access to Millbrae from Murdoch’s Loan and also to purchase Dam Park. The charitable status also helps the club meet the conditions of The Macdonald Legacy and apply for additional funding from other organisations.

In addition, the new company and charitable set up will benefit the future operation of the Club and it’s ability to meet it’s community aims while removing the pre-existing unlimited liability from members and office bearers.

Plans are already being made to hold a meeting and exhibition at Millbrae in the new year to present to members the first stages of the proposed redevelopment of Millbrae unlocking the next exciting chapter for Ayr Rugby Football Club Limited.

The Directors of Ayr Rugby Football Club Limited are:

Brian Williamson – (Chairman)

Drew Young – (Representative of the committee)

Billy McHarg – (Director of Rugby Operations)

Clark Robertson – (Finance)

David Wilkinson – (Digital Marketing/PR)