COVID-19 has taken its toll on many businesses and Ayr Rugby has been no exception. We have had to close all our facilities since March and therefore we have been missing our regular income from the bar and match day entrance fees.

We were also extremely sad to miss out on our summer beach rugby tournament as part of our popular "Land O'Burns Weekender". This is usually one of our biggest fundraiser weekends of the year and we rely on its' success to fund our club's day-to-day expenses and running costs throughout the rest of the year.

We are asking our members, friends, supporters and the wider community to come together and help fund the re-opening of our facilities. On top of the regular summer maintenance of our clubhouse and grounds, we now have additional costs that this pandemic has brought. We are working hard to ensure that Millbrae is safe for everyone to return, whether that is for team training, sessions or a pint in our sunny beer garden. If you would like to see a return to these activities, please donate on this page. This could be anything from the few pounds you would normally have spent on a drink or lunch on a Saturday, to the cost of a new beer garden bench, to buy a mobile hand-sanitiser unit for one of our teams to take to training sessions, to the cost of the paint for the supporters stand.


If you are unable to contribute financially but still want to help, please contact us via email as we are always looking for willing volunteers.


We hope to see you on the pitch/in the beer garden/on the sidelines very soon.


Many thanks on behalf of Ayr Rugby Committee.